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  • Reduce time spent documenting care for telehealth & in-office visits.
  • Document complete patient care— anytime, anywhere

No matter where you are in your EHR lifecycle, CareNow has a portfolio of solutions designed to help you grow adoption, protect patient safety and accomplish your financial objectives.

Designed to unify all roles of your practice under one roof.

You and your entire staff now can work from anywhere, stay fully connected and always have immediate access to information. CareNowDoc allows you to nurture meaningful patient relationships while building a sustainable and financially viable private physician practice. All in One with our powerful CareNow Doc platform.


Our Features

Practice Management
Industry-leading front office and scheduling software all integrated billing and payment solutions*
EHR Software
Smart clinical apps for quick access to patient information from any browser.
Patient Engagement
Engage patient’s healthcare experience online, while capturing feedback in real-time.
Smart EHR Dashboard
Schedule snapshot and task overviews that shows your completed and critical items.
Personal Telemedicine
Expand your care coverage and reduce costs while increasing patient satisfaction.
Patient Portal
Engage your patients with a wide variety of self-help tools and time-saving features.
Reporting & Analytics
Get real-time information of your financial health and uncover hidden opportunities.
Digital Patient Cards
Patient cards offer a faster and personal way to chart and manage patient information.
Appointment Reminders
Increase patient show-up, save money and simplify workload with automated reminders.
Reputation Management
Build a positive online reputation for your practice as a result of patient surveys.

CareNowDoc offers a seamless experience from check-in to check-out.

Higher patient satisfaction rates are just a few clicks away. Our Doc platform are the all-in-one solution to improving the patient experience, spending more time with your patients, and eliminating the redundancies of inefficient practice management systems.

Provide a full picture of health and membership information for your members and a secure web portal for providers to interact with and view managed care information

Improve your patients' health and care with CareNowDoc.

Predictive analytics and embedded decision support tools support clinical practice to yield better outcomes.

Just one system can create a better patient experience every step of the way:

Just one system can create a better patient experience every step of the way:

  • Quick, electronic check-in
  • At-a-click access to patient allergies, medications, and medical history
  • Charts that trend patient health over time and across visits
  • Secure sharing and storage of electronic health records
  • Paperless prescription management with ePrescribing
  • Clinical summaries provided to patients at check-out